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Custom CD DVD Replication - Unique Titles
Custom Die Cut Packaging complete with Glass Mastered Disc Replication

custom cd replication custom cd replication die cut packaging custom dvd replication unique title for multi disc 3 dvds paper tray die cut
Custom dvd packaging tall multi disc set dvd packaging with custom die cut window paper tray notebook and slipcase custom dvd replication with die cut spin wheel fiberboard stock
Chipboard DVD Box Set Packaging custom cd dvd packaging and manufacturing DVD slipcase set packaging custom box made for any number of discs

Custom Packaging & CD DVD Replication,
is what we do.

We've been in the cd & dvd manufacturing business for 20 years, and what we like to do is to make your discs with beautiful, unique, die cut custom packaging. Almost Every project is unique. Every title should be, don't you think? 

CD DVD Custom Packaging Options:

  • Digibooks, Hardbound CD Books, DVD Books, Fabric Wrapped Books
  • Digipaks with CLear trays, Eco Digipaks Recycled Trays
  • Custom Jackets
  • LP Packaging
  • Deluxe Box Sets
  • MultiDisc Sets
  • Add a USB
  • Add a Video LCD Panel
  • Add Perfect Bound Books

Every title's packaging can be customized to have a unique die, or a special paper stock, or some really hot effects in the printing. We offer many special printing effects:

For the discs themselves, we offer special printing options like spot gloss and matte floods. Manufacturing is glass mastered and we offer test discs so you can see and play the disc before final replication. Check out these special disc printing options:

Let us work with your title to create an outstanding product!


22 Years in the Business of Custom CD, DVD USB, Video Panel Manufacturing,
Media Manufacturing and Custom Packaging

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